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The success of businesses are greatly dependent on the well-being of their surrounding communities. Our chapter emphasizes the importance of giving back to local communities by partnering with different non-profits and partnering annually with Relay for Life.  It is our hope that such efforts not only help make our communities stronger, but also provide opportunities for our members to build the necessary skills to become well-rounded business professionals.



The Membership team manages the pledge education program and coordinates events pertaining to new member recruitment. Recruitment events consist of information sessions, socials, interviews, and a 6-8 week mentorship program that teaches the pledge class the values and history of Alpha Kappa Psi ending in an initiation ceremony into the chapter. The Membership Committee acts as the liaison between the chapter and incoming brothers.



The fundraising committee is tasked with generating money to support the chapter’s non-profit operations. Over recent years, we have worked to move away from sporadic sales campaigns and towards initiatives which generate funds in a sustainable and professional manner. One of our major projects includes a Corporate Sponsorship Program which involves building relationships with local companies seeking to financially support the chapter.

Professional Development


One huge reason many people join Alpha Kappa Psi is to define and polish their professional development skills. We are committed to putting on events that will benefit our brothers the most; events such as ‘Meet the Employer’ , company tours, and our Northwestern Mutual Case Competition allow our brothers to network with professionals and  develop our interpersonal skills.





From the content you see online to the flyers you receive on campus, the Marketing Committee seeks to tell the story of Alpha Kappa Psi to our respective business communities and beyond. In an environment that promotes creativity and innovation, members of the Marketing Committee work to maintain a genuine representation of the chapter through a multitude of different platforms.

Internal Affairs


Internal Affairs is a membership management team that works to promote internal chapter relations and communication within Rho. Committee members will achieve this through programs dedicated towards promoting accountability, building spirit and cohesion, providing positive reinforcement, and leveraging our intangible assets, such as our core values.

Alumni Relations


Alpha Kappa Psi takes pride in our extensive alumni network and building alumni relations is vital in the progressive development and maturity of our chapter. The Alumni Relations Committee provides opportunities for alumni and current members to re-connect and build brotherhood. These events remind fellow brothers about how important Alpha Kappa Psi was, and still is, to their personal and professional development.

Rho Consulting


Rho Consulting is a student-run strategy and management consultancy firm under Alpha Kappa Psi Rho Chapter that provides brothers with different academic backgrounds a unique opportunity to gain real-world client experience. Our mission is to provide in-depth analyses and strategic insights to assist businesses in the Seattle Area in finding sustainable, effective solutions to their business problems.


Within Rho, our brothers bond through events such as annual retreats, trips to Whistler, bonfires at Golden Gardens, and more. Though we are a diverse group of people, being a brother of Rho means we celebrate our differences and support each other unconditionally. To us, brotherhood emphasizes the relationships we have with each individual and the life-long benefits we gain from these friendships. Brothers are not just friends, we are family.

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